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Completed Master's Theses

In progress/Completed in 2023
Martin Kachev
Cloud Computing Service Model Selection for Event-driven Architectures
Hoang Vu Dang
Exploiting Feature Interaction in Satellite Magnetometer Calibration Using Machine Learning
In progress/Completed in 2022
Pratikkumar Agrawal
Renewable Energy-Aware Scheduling for Federated Learning
Tobias Burchardt
Energy-Aware Kubernetes for Edge Computing Environments
Fabian Casares
Evaluation of Data Enrichment Methods for Distributed Stream Processing Engines
Jiale Cheng
Continual Learning for Open Set Recognition with Deep Generative Models
Tobias Dunker
Entwurf einer Plattform für die Konstruktion digitaler Gesundheitsanwendungen
Dominic Paul Christian Heil
Self-adaptive Function-as-a-Service Platform for Federated Edge Environments in Kubernetes
Lukas Hoffmann
Evaluating and Extending an IoT Staging Environment for Continuously Testing Home Automation Software
Nick Keutel
Where to log? A language-agnostic Framework for Recommending Logging Statements in Source
Yazan Kitana
Co-Simulation of Edge Computing Environments and Smart Microgrids
Timo Kraus
Renewable-aware Kubernetes Scheduling to mitigate Carbon Emissions in Distributed Systems
David Leiting
Evaluation of Log Anomaly Detection Methods with Automated Log Messages Generation
Wolf Simon Lickefett
Mimir: Adaptive Checkpointing for distributed Stream Processing in Systems with non-static Workload
Amit Nautiyal
Logging Recommendations in Code using Deep Learning
Anahid Roshandel
Konzeption und Umsetzung einer Entscheidungsvorlage anhand von Projektkriterien und -bausteinen in der Projektinitialisierungsphase
Ankush Sharma
Efficient Deployment of serverless Functions at the Edge: A Hybrid Approach
Jan Felix Schneider
Adaptive Configuration of Fault Tolerance Strategies for Distributed Dataflow Jobs
Babak Sistani Zadeh Aghdam
Time Series Forecasting for Adaptive Monitoring in Edge Computing Environments
Fabian Skalski
Dynamic Task Sizing of Scalable Scientific Workflows
Kenan Skon
Forecasting Battery State of Charge in Renewable-Powered IoT Systems

Olga Tschudnowsky
Scheduling Recurring Distributed Data-Parallel Jobs on a Shared Cluster
Oluwatosin Tolulope Tubi
Summarizing Event Logs to support Cyber Forensics
Paul Voelker
Offloading and Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks on Edge Resources in IIoT Environments
Ryan-Marc Wegmeier
Entwicklung eines Data-Analytics-Tools zur Evaluierung von Patientendaten
Completed in 2021
Omar Abada
Anwendung eines Infrastructure-as-a-Code Ansatzes zur Optimierung von Elementen des Konfigurationsmanagements
Alireza Alamgiralem
Trace-Based Runtime Prediction of Reoccurring Data-Parallel Processing Jobs
Sinan Al-Bahrani
Collection and Analysis of IT-Service Deployment Scripts
Luk Bjarne Burchard
Accelerating Braeadth-First Graph Traversals using Manycore Graphcore IPUs
Ha Phuong Do
Machine Learning based Similarity Prediction of Black Box Cloud Services
Fabian Sebastian Hofmann
Anomaly Detection Through Video Generation Forecasting
Petar Ilijevski
Root cause analysis of multi-modal data in distributed systems
Puriwat Khantiviriya
Tuning the Performance of a Distributed Storage System Using Reinforcement Learning
Lars Lange
Graph-based Recommendation of Optimized IT-Service Deployment Scripts based on crowdsourced Data
Peewee Manzer
Cloud Monitoring Systems of Distributed Systems for AI-based Operation
Igor Molcean
Design and Implementation of a Test Data Management System using Model Adjustment Handling and Automatic Data Generation
Dominik Nafz
Online Rescheduling of Anomaly Detection Units in IoT Networks
Eva Nguyen
The Potentials of AIOPs for large Companies - a Market Analysis Approach
Ayaz Ali Qureshi
Closing the AIOPS Loop: Integrating Automated Remediation Engines into a Self-Healing System
Musadiq Raees
Evaluation of P2P Video Streaming in Edge Computing Environments
Ricardo Romanowski
Praktische Evaluation einer neuen Methode zur Authentifikation analoger IoT Sensoren
Patrick Silatsa
Redundancy Management of Embedded Systems in IoT Environments
Heye Vöcking
Bluestreak - Privacy aware User Segmentation for Online Advertisement using Linear Regression
Julian Weigel
A Framework for Testing Large-Scale Distributed IoT Applications
Jessica Woods
Adaptive Checkpointing for Distributed Stream Processing
Florian Wünsche
Privacy-aware Scheduling of Machine Learning Models for Data Streams in Edge-Cloud IIOT Environments
Houkun Zhu
A General Parameter Tuning System for Storage Performance Optimization Using Reinforcement Learning
Completed in 2020
Sabtain Ahmad
Application of Neural Networks in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection from Time and Frequency Data of Rotating Machines
Sovit Agrawal
Unsupervised Detection of Anomalies in Distributed System Logs
Ameya Balkrishna Athale
Monitoring Service Quality and Performance Metrics in a Self-Healing Container Cloud
Wladimir Gaus
Adaptive Scheduling of Distributed Stream Processing in heterogeneous IoT environments
Stephanie Haucke
Softwareentwicklung mit Low-Code Plattformen: Vorgehensmodelle und Evaluation
Abdallah Kadour
Design of an Integration Framework for eHealth-Services
Adrian Kumpf
Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Brokers zur skalierbaren und zuverlässigen Nachrichtenverarbeitung und Streaminganalye für Energiemarktplätze auf Basis von Open-Source-Komponenten
Ajay Kumar Mandapati
Diagnosis of Anomalies in Multimodal Distributed System Data using Deep Neural Networks
Kashika Manocha
Detection of Security-Related Anomalies from System Data in Cloud Environments using Deep Learning
Syed Jafer Raza Naqvi
Multi-Source Metric Data Collection and Correlation in Public Cloud Infrastructures
Harald Ott
Infrastructure-Agnostic Anomaly Detection in Cloud Environments
Dora Szücs
Improving the Robustness of Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Data Streams with Recurrent Neural Networks and Dynamic Thresholding
Dominik Scheinert
Deep Metric Learning for Multivariate Time Series - A Graph Convolutional Neural Network Approach
Philipp Wiesner
Simulation of Energy Consumption in Fog Computing Environments
Jonathan Will
Collaborative Cluster Configuration Optimization for Distributed Dataflow Jobs
Completed in 2019
David Ralf Altenschmidt
Resource Allocation for Distributed Dataflows in Cloud Environments
Patrick Bartels
P4-based in-band Network Telemetry Implementation for Microburst Detection
Ilja Behnke
A Framework for running Stream Processing Experiments in IoT Environments
Sören Becker
AIOPs Framework for Zero-Touch Administration of Edge Computing Infrastructures
Sven Carlin
Optimizing Data Stream Analysis in Kubernetes: Controlling Resources Usage and Container Placement
Dmitrij Feller
Design and Implementation of a Chatbot based on Adhoc Information Retrieval
Syed Muhammad Hani
Implementation and Evaluation of AI-based Self-Recovery Approaches in Cloud Systems
Zeba Bushra Khalil
Anomaly Detection from Mulitmodal System Data usind Deep Learning
Ankit Mittal
Design and Implementation of a Flexible Optimization Model for Efficient Operation of Large Scale IT Infrastructures
Christoph Alexander Portmann
Interfaces to define Distributed Data processing Pipelines
Stefanie Quach
Group Fairness for Learning to Rank in Multinomial Use Cases
Marike Ramesha Raviprasad
Implementing a Scalable Solution based on Correlation and Graph Analysis for Root  Cause Analysis in Distributed Environments
Vaibhav Sharma
A Testing Methodology for optimizing the Configuration of a Cloud Application for given SLAs
Seema Narasimha Swamy
A tree-based Implemenation of the Denstream Clustering Model with online Hyper-parameter Tuning
Hanno Stage
Automatic Ressource Allocation for Recurring Distributed Dataflow Jobs
Vinh Thuy Tran
Scheduling Distributed Dataflows in Shared Clusters Based on Measured Interference
Ron Wierzchorski
Application of Requirements Analysis for Implementing a Digital Workplace Framwork
Thilo Wobker
Concept and Design of a Secure Digital Workplace using Containers
Completed in 2018
Marvin Byfield
Evaluation of Distributed Stream Processing Platforms for IOT Applicatons
Gerrit Janßen
Scheduling Dataflows on Geo-Distributed and Heterogeneous Resources
Mirko Immanuel Müller
Smart Factory - Evaluation von Möglichkeit der Anomalie-Detektion in Automatisierten Produktionsverfahren mit Neuronalen Netzen
Philipp Luttmann
Entwicklung einer Verarbeitungssprache für Datenströme auf Grundlage von SQL-Konzepten
Mohamad Rajab
Dynamic Partitioning of the ONOS SDN Controller with fast failover
Samridhi Singhi
Tissue Recognition for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Videos
Kevin Styp-Rekowski
Streaming-based Regions of Interest Extraction for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Videos
Ahmed Tidjani Tidjani
Meeting  Deadlines of recurring Data Analytics  Applications based on Resource  and Runtime Predictions
Thorsten Wittkopp
Design und Implementierung einer Methodik zur Zustandsbestimmung und reaktiver Entscheidungsfindung anhand von kontinuierlichen Datenströmen in verteilten Systemen
Completed in 2017
Franziska Adler
Classification of Personality Disorders
Alexander Acker
Real-time Anomaly Detection in ECG Data Streams
Ronny Bräunlich
Collaborative Editing of JSON Objects based on Operational Transformation
Nesrine Doghri
Graph-Based Concept Detection in Big Data
Nico Franzeck
Design und Implementierung hochdynamischer Karten für autonomes Fahren auf Basis von Apache Flink
Morgan Geldenhuys
A Strategy for Achieving Fault Tolerance in Actor-based Distributed Systems
Tanbirul Hasan Bappy
Orchestration and Performance Evaluation of Hypervisor and Container based NFV Systems in the Cloud
Andreas Hechenberger
Efficiently Scaling Iterative Parallel Data Flows at Runtime
Alexander Jossifov
Detection of Relationships beween Sequences in Highly-Linked Big Data
Arne Kaminsky
Erstellung und Umsetzung eines Konzeptes zur Modularisierung und Releasemanagement in großen Java Enterprise Softwareentwicklungsprojekten mit Ansible 
Jannis Koch
Progress Estimation for Recurring Iterative Distributed Dataflows
Oresti Konomi
Recommending Cost-Effective Sets of Resources for Recurring Parallel Dataflow Jobs
Alexander Mühle
Multi-directional Blockchains for Identity Management
Giansereno Passerini
Impact of Dynamic and Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks on Clinical Decision Support Systems
Knut Perseke
Detection and Visualization of Sub-Stories in Social Media Data
Alexander Platz
Design and Implementation of a Recovery Algorithm for Self-Healing Cloud Infrastuctures
Daniel Schröder
Design Implementation and Optimization for Distributed Matrix Operations in Commodity Clusters
Fabian Spieß
Konzeption und prototypische Entwicklung eines skalierbaren Machine-Learning Algorithmus zum Erlernen und der Weitergabe der Schaltungintervalle von Lichtsignalanlagen
Ilya Verbitsky
Runtime Predictability of Distributed Dataflows in Shared Environments
Nils Walter
Konzeption und Umsetzung eines prototypischen Cloud Dienstes zur fahrzeugspezifischen Verbrauchsermittlung
Adrian Warszewski
Adaptive Block Placement for Data-Intensive Cluster Application
Steven Winter
Big Data Enhanced Analysis of Transjugular Intrahepatic Portasystemic Shunt Treated Patients
Oliver Ziegler
Entwurf and Implementierung einer SaaS-Lösung für den Einsatz in mobieln Praxen mit Online- und  Offline-Synchronisation
Completed in 2016
Nico Bahlau
Adaptive regelbsierte UML-Diagramme
Patrick Brose
Eventually Consistent Replicated State for Large-Scale Machine Learning
Serhat Ilkaya
Design und Realisierung eines openflow-basierten Datenvolumen-Accounting
Denis Lobo
Eine auf Network Function Virtualization basierte Implementierung für QoS behaftete Datenübertragungen in OpenFlow Netzwerken
Marcus Mundt
Modulare ownCloud-App zur selbständigen Wiederherstellung von Daten aus verschiedenen Datenquellen durch ownCloud-User
Ali Myzaal
Integration eines dynamischen VLAN-tagging Ansatzes mit OpenFlow
Benjamin Rabier
Scheduling of Recurring Parallel Dataflows Based On Resource Utilization
Sebastian Röker
Hochverfügbarkeit von SDN-fähigen Netzwerken
Oliver Schwengber
Load Balancing von Datenströmen mittels Software-defined Networking bei der verteilten Datenverarbeitung
Marcus Sellmann
Visualisierung von großen Datenmengen auf Basis von Meta-Modellen
Omar Shabarek
Management virtueller Netzwerke in OpenStack duch OpenDaylight
Completed in 2015
André Hafner
Analyse von Herausforderungen bei der Integration von IPv6 in komplexe Netzwerke
Markus Holtermann
Evaluating Methods to maintain system Stability and Security when reversing Changes made by Configuration and System Managments Tools in UNIX Environments
Constantin Gaul
Design and Implementation of a Cloud-Federation Agent for Software Defined Networking
Emo Leumassi Ferdinand Frederic
Design und Implementierung einer Registry zur Suche von Cloud Services basierend auf SLA-Anforderungen
Marius Meldau
Design and Evaluation of a Resource Sharing Concept for Mobile Device Clouds
Peter Meyer
Evaluation von Virtualisierungslösungen und deren hybrider Betrieb unter zentraler Administration
Guillaume Pansier
Design of an Authentication and Authorization Framework for Pools of Dynamically Provisioned Devices
Alexander Savinov
Evaluation eines modellgetriebenen Ansatzes zur interoperablen Verarbeitung von Dokumenten in elektronischen Patientenakten
Jörg Sablottny
An Architecture Approach for Physical Device Sharing  - Cloud-like Pay as you Go Resource Provisioning for Internet of Things Applications
Florian Schmidt
Detection of Higher-Level Concepts in Highly-Linked Big Data
Kai Sisterhenn
Design and Development of an Autonomous System for Capturing and Processing of Optical Data
Completed in 2014
Tim Strehlow
Fortschrittsindikator für Programme auf Basis der Stratosphere Plattform
Kai Grunert
Konzeption und Entwicklung einer verteilten Architektur zur Automatisierung von Testfällen am Beispiel einer Mautsystem-Komponente
David Maroto
Modeling and Implementation of an Adaptive Middleware for the Integration of Mobile Medical Devices
Oliver Schnell
Friend-Enriched Digital Life Stories to Support People with Dementia
Completed in 2013
Thomas Renner
Konzeption und Realisierung einer ereignisgesteuerten Systemarchitektur für die Entwicklung kontextsensitiver Anwendungen im Umfeld der Fahrzeugfertigung
Kaikai Yang
Scalable Stream Processing with PACTs
Christian Würtz
Evaluation of massively-parallel frameworks for stream data processing
Completed in 2012
Zhi Li
Entwurf eines Frameworks für dynamisch vernetzte mobile medizinische Geräte
Completed in 2008
Fabian Flägel
Definition und Integration eines Versionsmanagement-systems für die zeitversetzte Bereitstellung von Soft- und Hardwarekomponenten von verteilten Forschungsnetz-werken am Beispiel von Daidalos in der Beta-Plattform.
Robert Kania
Extraktion von Metadaten aus semantischen Web Services zur Analyse und Ausführung von Kompositionspfaden
Oliver Herbst
Konzeption und Umsetzung einer intuitiven Benutzerschnittstelle für die Suche nach semantischen Web Services
Hisham Abujayyab
Konzeption und Umsetzung einer Web-Shop-Anweendung mittels Richt-Internet-Application Technologie
Christoph Liebetruth
Speicherung hochdynamischer RDF-Daten in DHT-basierten Peer-To-Peer-Netzwerken
Martin Raack
Erweiterung des Peer-to-Peer-Systems Pastry um einen alphanumerischen Adressraum
Completed in 2007
Marc Holger Uhlmann
DHT-basierte Klassifizierung von EL+-Ontologien und Anwendung im Semantic Grid
Completed in 2006
Ludger Lecke
Aspekte einer semantischen UDDI Registry
Florian Pepping
Konzeption und Entwicklung eines orts- und kontextbezogenen Administrationssystems
André Höing
Lastbalancierung von Speicherbedarf und Anfragen in BabelPeers
Christian Todtenbier
Kompabilitätsaspekte bei der Konfiguration von Checkpoint-Datensätzen
Stephan Müller
Automatische Firewallkonfiguration für dynamische Grid Migration
Martin Eikermann
Verteilte Simulation des Virtual Night Driver
Veit Wittenberg
Multiobjektvisualisierung des Virtual Night Drivers
Elvira Schumacher
Visualisierung und Routing von Wegen in 3D-Gebäuden
Wilke Hagelweide
SAM4OWL-S: Semi.Automatischer MAtchmaker für OWL-S
Björn Hagemeier
Automatische, dynamische Abbildung und Ausführung Grid-basierter Workflows mit Unicore
Gerog Birkenheuer
A Framework for Semantic Web Service Development
Michael Weking
Erfassung und Visualisierung der physikalischen Topologie von ethernetbasierten Netzwerken in der Automatisierungstechnik
Stefan Finke
Einigungsprozesse mit Nachweispflicht auf XML-BAsis - Ein Konzept zur zertifikatisbasierten Definition, Aushandlung und Archivierung von Vertragsdokumenten
Wan Kan-Sing
Ontology-based Resource Matching
Completed in 2005
Sebastian Gerdemann
Analyse der Backboneauslastung und Bandbreitenplanung
Manuela Thygs
Swapping Mechanismen für Smart Cards
Completed in 2004
Kai Thiele
Konzept und Entwicklung von kontextbasierten Diensten in Wireless-LAN Umgebungen
Stefan Lietsch
CoLoS - Ein System zur geräteübergreifenden und standortabhängigen Kommunikation
Gegeon Tchanang
Slack-based Backfilling im Planungs-basierten Scheduling
Completed in 2003
Gunnar Steinert
Aufbau einer Infrastruktur für mobile multimediale Kommunikation
Sven Witting
Gesichtsidentifikation mit mobilen Geräten
Silke Müller
Design eines verteilten Dateisystems am Beispiel AFS
Denis Alt
Gegenüberstellung von Vorgehensweisen der Software-Entwicklung zu Entwicklungsprozessen anderer Disziplinen
Completed in 2002
Ulf Rerrer
Lastverteilung auf der Basis des Divisible Task Models in homogenen Clustern
Rene Cavet
Content-based Retrieval of Satellite Imagery
Completed in 2001
Marco Gaus
Techniques for Audio Retrieval
Stephan Stapel
Architectures for Multimedia Databases with Dynamic Feature Extraction
Frank Necas-Nieser
Wavelet-base object retrieval in image databases
Completed in 2000
Stefan Geisler
Simulation und performance measurements of parallel architectures for image databases
Markus Kirchberg
An Experimental Comparison of Concurrency Control Protocols for Multi-Level Transactions
Michael Garbers
Parallel data base techniques for multimedia data
Sascha Andres
Software engineering for internet applications
Completed in 1999
Knut Schünemann
Retrieval of vehiicle registration plates in images
Jan Engehausen
Noise removal in digitised videos
Daniel Schulz
Parallel Computing Methods for Multimedia Streams
Detlef Böhm
Data Reduction in Compressed MPEG Streams
Stefan Weinhuber
Portable Internet Applications
Mike Jakobi
A System for graphical representation of measurement results
Karsten Daniel
Traffic Sign Recognition
Robert Bankwitz
Architecture of image processing systems
Ingo La Tendresse
Image Retrieval with Wavelets
Completed in 1998
Stefan Diener
Impulse Noise Analysis
Jens Vorwerk
Shape recognition with 2D contours
Completed in 1997
Christof Ruch
Content based retrieval of image databases
Holger Schulz
Design and implementation of a system for the segmentation of colour images
Completed in 1996
Frank Irrgang
Scene detection in digitised film sequences

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