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Supervised PhD Theses by Prof. Kao

  • Li Wu: Automatic Performance Diagnosis and Recovery in Cloud Microservices, 2021
  • Alexander Acker: Anomaly Symptom Recognition in Distributed IT Systems, 2021
  • Sasho Nedelkoski: Deep Anomaly Detection in Distributed Software Systems, 2021
  • Florian Johannes Schmidt: Anomaly Detection in Cloud Computing Environments, 2020
  • Anton Gulenko: Autonomic Self-Healing in Cloud Computing Platforms, 2020
  • Thomas Renner: Data and Container Placement in Scalable Data Analytics Platforms, 2018
  • Mareike Höger: Fault Tolerance in Parallel Data Processing Systems, 2018
  • Tim Jungnickel: On the Feasibility of Multi-Leader Replication in the Early Tiers, 2018
  • Lauritz Thamsen: Dynamic Resource Allocation for Distributed Dataflows, 2018
  • Alexander Stanik: Service Level Agreement Mediation, Negotiation and Evaluation for Cloud Services in Intercloud Environments, 2016
  • Björn Lohrmann: Massively Parallel Stream Processing  with Latency Guarantees, 2015
  • Marc Körner: Software Defined Networking based  Data-Center Service, 2015
  • Andreas Kliem: Cooperative Device Cloud – Provisioning Embedded Devices in Ubiquitous Environments, 2015
  • Philipp Berndt: Decentralized Sensor Fusion using Periodic Peer-to-Peer Hypercube Gossiping
  • Martin Raack: Papnet: An order-preserving and latency-aware P2P Overlay and its Applications
  • Daniel Warneke: Massively Parallel Data Processing on Infrastructure as a Service Platforms, 2011
  • André Höing: Orchestrating Secure Workflows for Cloud and Grid Service, 2010
  • Thomas Hildmann: Umfassendes Autorisierungsmanagement, 2009
  • Kerstin Voss: Supporting SLA Provisioning in Grids by Risk Management Processes, 2008
  • Dominic Battré: Efficient Query Processing in DHT-based RDF Stores, 2008
  • Stefan Lietsch: A Novel Approach to Interactive, Distributed Visualization and Simulation on Hybrid Cluster Systems, 2008
  • Sabina Rips: Adaptive Steuerung der Lastverteilung datenparalleler Anwendungen in Grid Umgebungen, 2006
  • Ulf Rerrer-Brusch: Service Matching with Contextualised Ontologies, 2006
  • Matthias Hovestadt: Service Level Agreement aware Resource Management, 2006
  • Dang Minh Quan: A Framework for SLA-aware Execution of Grid-based Workflows, 2006
  • Felix Heine: P2P based RDF Querying and Reasoning for Grid Resource Description and Matching,   2006
  • Hua Chen: Real-time object extraction for mixed reality applications, 2005
  • Stefan Geisler: Inhaltsbasierte Videokodierung2005
  • Ingo La Tendresse: Skizzen-Feedback für die Suche in Bilddatenbanken, Institut für Informatik,  2003

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