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Ilja Behnke


Technische Universität Berlin
Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Telecommunication Systems
Distributed and Operating Systems (DOS)

Secr. TEL 12-5
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin

Room: TEL 1204
Phone: +49 30 314-73884
E-Mail: i.behnke<at>tu-berlin.de        

Supervised Theses

Current Theses
Charlotte Pragst
Functionless vs. Function-as-a-Service: The Evolution of Serverless Cloud Paradigms
Johanes Albert Simohatono
Extending Network Interface Controllers to Adapt Real-Time Operating System Task Priorities
Lukas Hoffmann
Evaluating and Extending an IoT Staging Environment for Continuously Testing Home Automation Software
Paul Voelker
Offloading and Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks on Edge Resources in IIoT Environments
Christian Helbig
Offloading von Echtzeitanwendungen: Anwesenheitserkennung durch die Echtzeitverarbeitung von Videostreams in verteilten eingebetteten Systemen

Justus Flerlage
Offloading Real-Time Processes in Local Distributed Systems
Finished Theses
Ilya Koniev
Analyse von Datenströmen in industriellen Internet of Things Umgebungen
Ahmed Abdulfattah
Automatisierung von simulierten Netzwerkredundanzprotokolltest in Echtzeitumgebungen
Patrick Silatsa
Design and Evaluation of Dynamic Voter Election Redundancy Protocols in IoT Environments
Robin Staub
A Reconfigurable Network Interface Controller for Evaluation of Trace Impact on Real-Time Embedded Systems
Christoph Blumschein
Reducing the impact of best effort IP-packet processing on real-time behavior in IoT devices
Markus Toll
Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Traffic Simulator for IoT Systems


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