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MO-BIZZ - Fostering Mobile Business through Enhanced Cloud Solutions

Project objectives

The last few years have seen a revolution in terms of mobile apps that we have come to get used to on our mobile phones. Android Apps, Apps Store and Google Apps are rapidly becoming more widespread and many users have seen the usefulness of these on their smartphones. The main focus so far has been the entertainment sector for use by the average consumer. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful and able to support applications of significant size that not only run on these devices, but also tap into the internet and link to other useful services on the fly using mobile internet connections.

With mobile cloud, connectivity becomes more important in the cloud model. Any cloud-based application or solution is only as reliable and stable as its underlying connectivity. As such, telcos play an important role in the cloud marketplace due to their unsurpassed network infrastructure management experience. Nevertheless, telcos suffer the cost of deploying ever increasing bandwidth while only service and content providers capitalize on the value that this bandwidth enables, i.e. the access to applications and services.

Regarding the use of mobile cloud solutions for commercial use, there is considerable potential, whether in relation to business users or consumers. One such area with huge potential is the provision of ERP, CRM, BI services using this new paradigm. However, what is missing at present is a simple to use technology framework that can allow businesses to rapidly develop and make available services to their customers using cloud-based mobile services. MO-BIZZ focuses on trialling this new mobile, cloud-based service paradigm based on the innovative reuse of existing technology and mobile networks available to the partners, developing a business model and rapid service configuration capability.

Thus, the challenge at this juncture is twofold:

  • Technology: investigate and design a highly flexible, resource-optimized and dynamic mobile network and service architecture for a system that encompasses and integrates three major domains: Network and Computing Infrastructures, Mobile Networks and Cloud Services
  • Business: develop a business model and rapid service development environment that allows businesses to expose their key functionalities to their customers and integrate with existing business applications where necessary. No such capability currently exists and the availability of this would propel the adoption of these new technologies in the commercial domain.

The MO-BIZZ philosophy is based on the assumption that mobile cloud solutions will increasingly be delivered by efficient ecosystems of providers that include telcos, software developers, and integrators. With new, complex and secure products available on the market, the partners want to capitalise on the opportunities offered by mobile cloud growing market. It is simply not possible for one single company to provide an end-to-end service in this way and thus the rapid and easy collaboration is needed to expose a service by the business wishing to reach out to its customer, the integration with value added services and the provision of the service in terms of discoverability and installation of apps and run-time network support by a suitable telco provider and potentially a cloud service provider if the solution is to be hosted.


  • Portugal Telecom (Co-ordinator, Portugal)
  • ALTEC (Greece)
  • EuroCloud (France)
  • Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
  • Mobiguo SL (Spain)
  • Si.mobil Telekomunikacijske Storitve, d.d. (Slovenia)
  • PHC (Portugal)
  • Unisoft (Romania)
  • XLAB d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Tessera Multimedia (Greece)

Further project information


  • Project duration: January 2013 - December 2015
  • ICT PSP Objective (and sub-objective) identifier: CIP-ICT-PSP.2012.5.2

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