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Grid technologies have reached a high level of development, but adopters underline core shortcomings related to security, trustiness, and dependability of the Grid for commercial applications and services. Users require a job execution with the desired priority and quality and negotiate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to define all aspects of the business relationship. Nevertheless, providers are still cautious on adoption as agreeing on SLAs including penalty fees is a business risk: system failure, operator unavailability etc. can lead to SLA violation. Providers need risk assessment methods as decision support for accepting/rejecting SLAs, for price/penalty negotiation, for activating fault-tolerance actions, and for capacity and service planning. Customers – Grid end-users and brokers – need the estimation and aggregated confidence information for provider selection and fault-tolerance/penalty negotiations.

AssessGrid will address the risk awareness and consideration in SLA negotiation, self-organising fault-tolerant actions, and capacity planning. It will develop and integrate methods for risk assessment and management in all Grid layers. The corner stones are risk management scenarios reflecting the perspective of Grid end-users, brokers, and providers. The results will support all Grid actors by increasing the transparency, reliability, and trustiness as well as providing an objective foundation for planning and management of Grid activities. Thus, AssessGrid will supply Next Generation Grids with additional innovative and required components to close the gap between SLAs as concept and accepted tool for commercial Grid uptake.

The AssessGrid development will be in a Grid standardisation context and will produce generic, customisable, and interoperable open-source software for risk assessment, risk management and decision support in each Grid layer. The outcome quality will be demonstrated in provider environments and in close interaction with customers.

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