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Publikationen Björn Lohrmann


Elastic Stream Processing with Latency Guarantees

Lohrmann, B. and Janacik, P. and Kao, O.

The 35th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2015) 2015

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Nephele streaming: stream processing under QoS constraints at scale

Lohrmann, Björn and Warneke, Daniel and Kao, Odej

Cluster Computing. Springer, 1–18. 2013

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Massively-parallel Stream Processing under QoS Constraints with Nephele

Lohrmann, Björn and Warneke, Daniel and Kao, Odej

Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing. ACM, 271–282. 2012

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Processing smart meter data streams in the cloud

Lohrmann, Björn and Kao, Odej

2nd IEEE PES International Conference and Exhibition on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Europe), 1–8. 2011

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Detecting Bottlenecks in Parallel DAG-based Data Flow Programs

Battre, Dominic and Hovestadt, Matthias and Lohrmann, Björn and Stanik, Alexander and Warneke, Daniel

Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS), 2010 IEEE Workshop on, 1 -10. 2010

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Towards Parallel Processing of RDF Queries in DHTs

Lohrmann, Björn and Battré, Dominic and Kao, Odej

Data Management in Grid and Peer-to-Peer Systems. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 36-47. 2009

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